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Cover PageCreativity is part of being human. We are all creative. A lot of us at the mere mention of the word ‘creativity’ shudder with the thought of the art classes or essay writing woes in school.¬†Schools designate persons to evaluate creativity. We compare and unwittingly identify weaknesses, which are mere perception of the person judging us. Do we ever ask if that person has the right qualification to judge creativity? Creativity is supposed to give us confidence. So why does the mere mention of the word actually rob us of it? This cannot be right!

So let us look at the creator himself. Right from the single celled species to the most complex, right from the diseases to the insurmountable beauty of nature, the ugly worm and the majestic butterfly, the salty ocean and the fresh water lakes and rivers, we do not question his capability. We just experience it. Therefore we could conclude that Creativity can only be experienced, it cannot be evaluated!

Write Your Mind is a magazine for all ages. But the overwhelming number of contribution from children simply makes it look like a children’s magazine! So why, as adults, do we hold back our creativity? It is now almost cliched to say, ‘rise after every failure’, ‘every successful person has seen enough failures’, etc, etc… Yet at the moment when our creativity is called for, we clam up and let others come out first. What happens to that bottled up creativity. Where does the fire go? I don’t know the answer, maybe some of you reading this piece knows. And maybe you want to discuss it…

The thought behind this magazine is very simple, ‘know your neighbours’, ‘be creative’, ‘build a better neighbourhood’, ‘grow in your environment’. The act of dare is to express. It does not matter what you express, whether it is a pattern in knitting, a new recipe, a poem or a photograph. Do we have enough courage to share it? Maybe once in a while you can dare yourself now, because now you have a platform to express yourself. Write Your Mind will make it happen for you just like that!


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