Sometimes we find ourselves wondering why we are not understood. Sometimes it becomes a taboo. Yet we are people following our heart. And we are bound to do different things.

You know me and you know me not,
The masks I wear are just a sham,
Can you really look beyond?

I am not cool, not calm,
I am not outrageous, nincompoop,
I am not profoundly sublime,
I am not restless or subdued.
I am a bit of it all and more.
But most of all I’m misunderstood.

And I do care, I care that you knew,
I do care, I wish you to know,
I wish that my care for you,
Will be reflected in your view,
I wish you knew, I wish I do,
I am not just what you see,
I am much more, there is more to me.

Sham one moment, one moment true,
My masks are as thick as I may wish,
Yet what do you care, what mask I wear?
I care for you, does that not mean?
My “care” is not a mask for sure,
Why do you want to know much more?

What is your doubt? That I don’t conform?
I don’t do things the way you do?
What is it that bothers you?
You do defy sometimes, I do too.
My defiance is not the same as yours.
I blunder, badger, harry, irk,
So do you, but for other things.

So who judges who defies better?
Who blunders better or irks supreme?
Who judges please tell me who?
I care not how you perceive,
I care for you to judge me not.
You need to know, I care only for your care,
I do not bother with your quirk.

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