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The write your mind magazine is out and will reach you soon, if it has not already. You can contact me for your copy too.

At this moment of success of the first of its kind magazine within an apartment complex, I wish to thank you all for your support. The object behind this magazine is to connect residents and instill values in children. And we are going in leaps and bounds in achieving our objective.

Today could not be a better day to write about this. I just read in the newspaper that India stood THIRD in  the special Olympics held in Los Angeles, and returned with 173 medals. Behind only to US and China. 

So what is special Olympics? Held since 1968 for people with intellectual disabilities, this years event had 6500 participants from 160 countries. India was represented by 275 participants who won 47 Gold, 54 Silver and 72 Bronze medals. 

Did  you just say, “how good it would be if it was the summer Olympic medal tally?!!!” Well I would say “Amen! It will be so!!!”

As our late ex President APJ Abdul Kalam would  say, great homes build great nations. So here we are at “Write Your Mind” making our effort to build great homes and we believe that a great nation is at our doorsteps.

Write Your Mind - Online

2 Comments on Write Your Mind – From Editor’s Desk

  1. SANJAY KUMAR KUNDAN // August 7, 2015 at 7:17 AM // Reply

    Felt happy on the successful effort.Always felt your literary talents should come out.

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